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A Message from an Alumnus

As former co-president of Best of Thymes, I’ve dedicated years working at Rosemead High School’s garden. Now a college student, I take the bus every week to the local farmer’s market to get fresh produce. Although it is inconvenient, I make this sacrifice because I am well aware of the extensive work that goes into growing our food. When I go to the farmer’s market it brings me back to my high school years. I remember the hours I spent watering plants at the school garden during the hottest days of summer wondering why I signed up to do this. However, it is the immense care required to grow organic produce that has and continues to motivate me to seek better from food.

Moreover, the skills I have learned have allowed me to develop plans for a community garden to feed people in need. Furthermore, I committed to working towards environmental sustainability because the time I spent while working at RHS encapsulated some of the happiest moments of my life. Currently, I study sociology and environmental science to better understand how we as individuals can do our part to fight the effects of climate change.

– Kodiak

Farm Corner: Back to School

volunteers workingVolunteers have been working so hard at Arroyo High School to finish the Regenerative Learning Garden before the grand opening on September 21st! See the flier at the end of the newsletter for more details.
garden club at workMountain View High School garden club has built over ten raised beds, cared for their huge orchard and are creating space for new California native plants!
attracting pollinating insectsRosemead High School garden club planted over 30 California native plants on their campus this year to attract more pollinating insects. As a result they have seen a huge harvest this year!
STEM AcademySTEM Academy of Boyle Heights finished their hydroponic growing systems and planted them with herbs and vegetables. Students learned how to design and build their own systems while exploring the importance of urban greening and sustainability.
Sage Oak Charter Home-School marmaladeSage Oak Charter Home-School students learned how to harvest kumquats and make an organic kumquat marmalade. This yummy marmalade went great with toast and brie!