Eco Urban Gardens is rooted in the belief that every child and their families deserve to know how to grow their own food and enjoy a wholesome meal. We educate children and their families to create healthy and productive outdoor living spaces. These green spaces can be used for educational purposes that lend to healthy and enjoyable living environments. Our programs are educational that lend themselves to grow crops, conserve water and build soil with blooming flowers for all to thrive.

ECo Urban Gardens (ECoUG) is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductable to the extent permitted by law.

With more than ten years of experience, the team of Eco Urban Gardens has designed, installed, and maintained edible and California native and drought tolerant gardens throughout Los Angeles County and specifically, the San Gabriel Valley.

The team’s extensive experience in small-scale farming, horticulture, soil biology, and gardening to create edible spaces that bring joy to the consumer through having their own homegrown vegetables, fruit and flowers. Being able to have produce straight from the garden is sustainable and functions beautifully for homes, schools, public spaces and restaurant. Each garden is uniquely designed to fit the consumer’s need and vision. Using California native and Mediterranean climate-loving plants are rewarding and pretty as they are helpful. Together, with our methods of agroecology and permaculture, help save water, build soil, clean air, attract pollinators and transforms urban habitats into a thriving ecosystem. Our knowledgeable team shares their enthusiasm and expertise with their consumers while tending the garden.

Our programs for homeowners, schools, restaurants, and public spaces include:

  • Organic Farming and Gardening Education and Consultations
  • Vegetable and Flower Garden Design and Installation
  • Conversion to Drop Irrigation Systems
  • Garden Maintenance and Cultivation – weekly, monthly, seasonal
  • Drought Tolerant Landscape Cultivation
  • Soil Enhancement and Remediation
  • Compost System Design and Maintenance

home gardens

For individual or group sessions please call 626 374-3504 or visit our contact page to request more information.