Award Winners & Recognition

Since 2016, Eco Urban Gardens has worked with many local Southern California schools and their communities to build over 32 different edible and regenerative gardens which now provide healthy and sustainable food and drought tolerant planting for the urban landscape.  That hard work has been recognized by the following organizations…

Kid’s Gardening / Klorane Botanical Foundation

Rosemead High School is a 2018 Budding Botanist Winner 

The purpose of this initiative – through the creation of an educational garden – is to raise the awareness of young city dwellers to the importance of respecting the environment and the of ecosystem that surrounds us.

The Jane Goodall Institute, Roots & Shoots

Congratulations on your incredible work with Roots & Shoots! You and your Roots & Shoots group are making a difference in the world through your projects and your every day actions. Attached is your certificate of recognition and a letter of appreciation from us! We so look forward to hearing about all your projects in the future!

All the best,
Laurel Watkins
Program Coordinator
Roots & Shoots, JGI-USA

Roots & Shoots Certificate of Recognition, 2019
Roots & Shoots Letter of Appreciation