Farm Food Fit

Dear Friends and ECo Farmers!

eco gardening ideasIt’s been just a short time since we have officially opened our doors to serve our communities with programs such as growing gardens, farm education and connecting people with food, the land and each other.

At ECo Urban Gardens, we believe that every child deserves to know how to cultivate a garden at their school, and ought to have the ability to grow their own food at home. With that we teach our consumers, young and old, how to grow edible gardens and to share the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing, and eating simple, whole food. We teach hands-on organic farming at schools or for your home, and therefore implement sustainable landscapes that improve the health and wellbeing for all. Living in Southern California, we know that water is a vital source for all species and installing California friendly gardens is an integral part of our work. Hence, we aim to increase awareness to water conservation methods and converting lawns while building habits for species and pollinators throughout our communities. Our team’s vast experience in small-scale farming, horticulture, soil biology, and gardening to create edible spaces that function beautifully for homes, schools and restaurants, brings joy to the consumer. Learning the art of cultivating homegrown vegetables, fruits and flowers straight from the garden to your table is key to living well.

Our programs are integrative and educational:

  • Horticulture Therapy / Farm to school education
  • Garden education and consulting
  • Vegetable garden design
  • Flower and native plant gardens
  • Drought tolerant landscape cultivation
  • Conversion to drip irrigation systems
  • Water harvesting techniques
  • Soil enhancement and remediation
  • Compost system design
  • California friendly garden conversions
  • Cultivating plants, harvesting edibles

California native and Mediterranean climate-loving plants are as pretty as they are helpful and help save water, build soil, clean air, attract pollinators and forge urban habitats results is a thriving ecosystem.

Generously, we will share our enthusiasm and expertise with you.

Thank you for all your support!
Your Team at ECo Urban Gardens!