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Meal Prep Saves Time & Money

by Raeanna Hunt

Have you thought about all the food that you eat in a day? If you were to list all of the meals you consumed, would you notice a pattern? Many people, including a few of us at Eco Urban Gardens, also struggle with the idea of convenience. The thought process goes, “I woke up late for work, I’ll just spend a little money and grab a breakfast sandwich with my coffee this morning.”

At a popular coffee chain, a breakfast sandwich and a coffee would cost about $7.00. How often does this happen? If it’s three times a week, that’s $87.00 per month or just over $1,000 per year on processed, greasy sandwiches that fill your body with more additives and preservatives than it does supply your body with protein.

Imagine the benefits of meal prepping. Collect and gather easy recipes that have similar ingredients, so when you grocery shop you can plan multiple meals, including fresh fruit and veggies for snacks. Then on Sunday nights while you watch TV, prepare a weeks’ worth of meals that are easy to grab in the morning, and easy to eat during lunch at the office.

Preparing food at home not only increases the money you save but also increases the nutrients you consume. So, with all the new year’s resolutions in full swing, we encourage you to try meal prepping for the week. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel, and with that extra money you saved you can go out and buy extra produce that maybe you normally wouldn’t think you could afford!

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