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Farm to School

Kids Gardening with Liz

We offer virtual garden education on YouTube. In this series, students will learn about a variety of topics, from basic gardening techniques, to medicinal plant uses, organic pest control and foraging! Subscribe to our channel for weekly videos!

Kids Gardening With Liz
Farm to School

We believe that every child deserves to know how to grow their own food. Through hands-on learning in school gardens, which includes the curriculum in environmental science and horticulture, students learn to cultivate plants from seed to harvest. Students gain knowledge about regenerative agriculture, nutrition, heath, wellness, and how to operate a CSA program and farm stand. School gardens are managed throughout the week as we interface with the student-run garden clubs.

Currently, we manage the Farm Labs at Arroyo, Rosemead and Mountain View high schools of the El Monte Unified High School District.

In addition, our teachers come to your site to provide classes for home schooled students, and/or to present a workshop at your Charter Schools. The pricing for an agriculture education class or workshop for a school will be provided upon request. All our classes and workshops are customized.

Please email us to inquire about bringing our Farm to School program to your school.