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Our School Garden

Best of Thymes Garden of Rosemead High School

Students designing the garden
Students designing the garden to include many different species of California Native Plants

Students at Rosemead High School are working to design a pollinator and drought tolerant veggie garden to span the whole length of the school campus. Over 3,000 square feet will be converted from grass into raised beds and California native plants. Vegetables will be cultivated and cared for by students. Students will harvest and learn how to prepare them in delicious meals. During garden club students will discover how to provide organic inexpensive food for themselves and their families. While planting the California native garden students will learn the environmental importance of creating sustainable green space. We have not seen the end of the drought in Southern California and it is important for younger generations to learn drought tolerant gardening techniques to save water for future generations. Students will learn practical skills in agriculture, sustainability, leadership, engineering, design, health and wellness. I am proud to be a part of this vision and hope all of you will attend the groundbreaking celebration next year.

Arroyo High School Garden Club

Students of Arroyo High School recently installed drip lines to reduce water usage in the garden. Students spent all year watering their crops by hand, now they can spend less time watering and more time cultivating crops.

Installing drip irrigation
This week students of Arroyo High School worked extra hard to install irrigation in preparation for their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony May 20th. An irrigation workshop led by Kyra Saegusa, showed students how to install T-tape. T-tape is a collapsable drip line for irrigation beds that allows water to drip into soil without evaporation or waste.
Kyra explaining how to cut PVC pipe
Kyra explaining how to cut PVC pipe in order to bring water from underground pipes into beds.

To Make a Donation Visit Our Website

Donations go to many different aspects of a project:

  • $10.00 Donation purchases seeds for student garden.
  • $20.00 Donation purchases pruners for two students.
  • $50.00 Donation purchases wheel barrow for students.
  • $100.00 Donation purchases up to 10 bags of organic garden soil.
  • $250.00 Donation can purchase all of these materials for one school project.

Feel free to specify which school project you would like to fund and your interest for funding whether it be for health, environment or simply to support your community. Any visits to the garden are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to email or call anytime if you would like to participate in a workshop or workday.

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