Farm to School

We believe that each child deserves to know how to grow their own food to prepare a wholesome meal. We educate school children in organic farming and assist with cultivating their edible plants. Students learn the joy of taking care of their plants, while learning valuable lessons about sustainability and caring for the environment. Curriculum includes how to grow organic produce, local and sustainable agriculture, organic farming and a lifestyle of healthy eating and active living.

Whether you are a public, charter, private or home school, we can help you obtain a vibrant outdoor learning space to grow veggies, fruits, herbs and edible flowers.
The program provides each garden with organic material, seeds, supplies and tools. Students learn how to build and maintain garden beds based on the principles of agroecology and permaculture.


Our educators teach students hands-on farming and the value of seasonal, organic and local food systems that support their minds and bodies, in addition to nourishing their families and communities.

Students learn to harvest and prepare a meal. Lessons include harvesting crops, storing produce safely, and preparing a wholesome meal.

Once the school garden is established, we teach how to host a farm stand, build a CSA and execute basic horticultural principles. The program also offers internships at local farms and gardens.

school cultivation

For more information, please call 626 374-3504 or visit our contact page to request more information.