Grow Gardens Home Edition

Kid’s Gardening with Liz

In this video series, learn how to grow plants from seed to mature plant, step by step.

Episode 1: Seeding

Episode 2: Transplanting

Episode 3: Thinning

Episode 4: Upcycled Terrarium

Episode 5: Composting #1

Episode 6: Composting #2

Episode 7: Foraging for Wild Plants

Episode 8: Seed Saving

Episode 9: Organic Pest Control

Episode 10: Deadheading

Episode 11: Fruit Tree Thinning

Episode 12: Tomato Trimming

Episode 13: Transitioning Your Raised Bed

Episode 14: Forest Bathing

Episode 15: Native Plant Care

Episode 16: Immunity Tea

Episode 17: Edible Flowers

Episode 18: Medicinal Herbs

Episode 19: Homemade Insect Repellent

Episode 20: Permaculture Pots

Episode 21: Pollination in Urban Farms

Episode 22: Summer Harvest

Episode 23: Fruit Tree Health

Episode 24: Respiratory Health

Episode 25: Scientific Observation

Episode 26: Climate Change and Agriculture

Episode 27: Moringa, the tree of life

Episode 28: Holidays at Home