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Seed & Crafts Episode 1: White Sage Smudge Stick

Dear Friends & Community, 

 As I am sure you have heard, schools will be closed for the rest of this academic year. During this time, Eco Urban Gardens staff continue to care for the Farm Lab at Arroyo High School, The Best of Thymes Garden at Rosemead High School and the Farm Orchard at Mountain View High School. All harvest is being distributed to local community members who are in need of fresh organic produce. Students worked hard during this past school year to make these gardens very successful.

Your donation will help us to maintain these gardens and keep them healthy until students return in August. Choose your gift from the items below. All proceeds go to the Farm to School Program. 

Marianne & Liz

For a $30 donation you will receive:
White Sage Smudging Stick & Dried Lavender Flowers 

White sage and lavender are grown organically in our wildflower basin meadow. The meadow is planted with California native flowers and shrubs to provide habitat for fauna and support pollinating insects. Lavender is a powerful herb in the mint family, it is anti-inflammatory and is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

For a $60 donation you will receive:
Immunity Wellness Spa Kit

Everything in this kit was grown or put together by our students who spent many hours in the garden cultivating herbs, building soil and learning about ecosystems. The tea leaves were grown and bagged by the students, Luffa vines were grown at the Arroyo Farm Lab at Arroyo High School. All the herbs in the bath bomb were grown in the Foraging Forest at Arroyo Farm Lab.

For a $120 donation you will receive:
Farm to Table Basket

A Farm to Table Basket will include organic culinary herbs harvested from the foraging forest. A jar of organic pickled vegetables made by our very talented staff and a craft cocktail recipe kit with sugarcane, lemongrass and herbs. 

For a $200 donation you will receive:
Garden Consultation

If you are interested in having a vegetable garden, pollinator garden, drought tolerant or California native garden this is the perfect gift for you! For this level donation the Program Manager and main landscape designer for Eco Urban Gardens, Elizabeth Christy, will give you a two hour garden consultation. This could be for your own use or purchased as a gift card to send to a friend or loved one.