Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Butterfly Pea flower is a plant native to Asia and is well known for its vibrant blue flowers. The natural dye of the butterfly pea flower has made it a main ingredient for many herbal teas, drinks, and various foods. Butterfly Pea also has antioxidant properties and is rich with anthocyanins. Arroyo Garden Club students experimented with the butterfly pea by preparing Butterfly Pea lemonade. Students were able to witness the dramatic color from blue to purple when mixing the flowers with lemonade. The benefits and vibrant colors of butterfly pea has inspired future efforts in planting the flower in the garden.

Photos of butterfly pea flower tea

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Farm Lab News

Our Farm to School program was recently awarded the GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant and featured in an Interview on VMA California School News Radio. Click the blue button below to see our program featured as a grassroots grant. Click the purple button below to hear an interview with Executive Director Marianne Zaugg, Farm Manager Alan Melgoza-Calderon and Garden Club President at Arroyo High School, Andrew Ramos.

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Arroyo High School Farm Lab

Active SGV is partnering with Eco Urban Gardens to offer nutrition workshops at the AHS Farm Lab, RHS Best of Thymes Garden and La Madera Community Garden. Nutrition classes help the community connect their physical health with their environmental health. Participants see how regenerative agriculture and sustainable living directly effect our whole body wellness. Spring is here are we are starting lots of spring seedlings!

Arroy High School Farm Lab

Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Garden

RHS students are harvesting the last of their winter crops to make room for spring and summer seedlings! Students loved building a brand new vermicompost or worm compost bin. Students of garden club also partnered with the RHS Key Club for a volunteer day to install a vegetated bioswale along Rosemead Blvd. Plants will provide food for pollinators while the swale captures rain water to recharge the water table. Look for upcoming volunteer dates in our next email!

Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Garden

Mountain View High School Orchard

Planting beds with bulbs and other flowers will attract pollinating birds and insects. Increased pollinator activity will help fruit trees to produce more fruit! Students also planted potatoes donated by the Culinary Arts Kitchen. Once potatoes have started to sprout they are very poisonous! Once sprouted be sure to plant them, not eat them!

Mountain View High School Orchard

La Madera Community Garden

Springtime has brought many outdoor events and projects to the Community Garden. Community artists helped volunteers cover any graffiti and update our old murals with beautiful vibrant new art! Members want to especially thank Mayor Jessica Ancona, Dr. Maria Morales and Alma Puente for visiting the garden and joining the effort! Upcoming volunteer dates will collaborate with local boy scout troops and other student volunteer groups.

For upcoming volunteer opportunities you can join members the first Sunday of every month from 12pm-2pm or check our Facebook page for posted events.

La Madera Community Garden

La Madera Community Garden Mural