Earth Day Events & Program Updates

Happy Earth Day
The Earth is in your hands

Earth Day 2021 is Thursday April 22nd!

We celebrate regenerative living practices and restoring balance to natural systems.

Eco Urban Gardens will be participating in a virtual Earth Day Event with the Garden of Hope. Topics will include cooking, seeding, intercropping, and beneficial insects!

To RSVP for this event please email: Alan Melgoza at

Earth Day Event with the Garden of Hope
This Earth Day Eco Urban Gardens will be hosting a booth at the El Monte Farmers Market on Main Street in El Monte.

Thursday April 22nd from 5pm-9pm.
On Main St. between Santa Anita and Tyler Ave.

Other Earth Day Events in Los Angeles:
Throughout April:

Volunteer with TreePeople to restore habitats around LA County
Tune into Neighborhood Science Tuesdays weekly webinars on sustainability and science topics

EUG booth at El Monte Farmers Market

Program Updates

La Madera Community Garden

The habanero pepper seeds sent to us by Small Axe Peppers have officially sprouted! Everyone is excited to transplant them into their beds and the communal plots in two to three weeks when the seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted. Lower left you can see one of our members making vegetarian tacos for our last volunteer day.

Farm to School in the EMUHSD

Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Garden:
All new bubbler irrigation system installed to reduce water waste and increase time students can spend cultivating vegetables. This should make our harvest, like the peas you see below, even more abundant!

Arroyo High School Farm Lab

Spring is the busiest time of year at the Farm Lab. Our small staff is busy cultivating seedlings and the bees are hard at work pollinating our many flowers, vines and fruit trees!

Mountain View High School Organic Orchard

Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation grant we installed a brand new subterranean irrigation system! This automated water system will allow trees to reach optimal fruit production during the hottest months of the year. The orchard also was pruned and leaning trees given stakes.

Farm. Food. Fit. Forage.

Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

Written By: Micaela Wu

What do plants need to grow? Water, sun, and soil are usually the first things that come to mind. But pollinators — like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds — are also essential for thriving plants! Not only do they play a crucial role in pollinating plants like tomatoes, strawberries, and fruit trees, but they also bring biodiversity to your backyard. Here are ways you can bring pollinators to your garden:

  • Plant a variety of native wildflowers. Be sure to include plants with varying flower structures and different blooming times, so pollinators will have diversified food sources all season long.
  • Plant milkweed and other species to host the larvae of pollinators like monarch butterflies, and build insect hotels for bees.
  • Avoid using pesticides and garden organically!
  • Leave out dishes of water for insects to drink, especially during the summer.

In our school gardens, you can find California lilacs, germander sage, foothill penstemon, tall evening primrose, California poppy, and monkey flower!

Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

Fresh Food in the Community!

El Monte Farmers Market
EUG Booth

Visit our booth at the El Monte Farmers Market!
The Farmers Market is happening every Thursday from 5pm- 9pm. Location: Main Street between Santa Anita and Tyler, formerly the Valley Mall.

EUG pantry items
Cyber Yogurt

Looking for a refreshing treat? Stop by Cyber Yogurt for frozen yogurt, acai bowls, smoothies and more! And while you’re at it, check out our pantry items — we have organic herbal teas, spice blends, moringa seeds and more. We deliver fresh fruits and vegetables every Friday, grown locally in our school gardens.

Visit Cyber Yogurt online or at 3305 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA 91731

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Our programs are supported by the contributions of our generous donors. Your gift will support the continued cultivation of healthy food for our community, the care of our Farm Labs, and our continued virtual education program until we can return to in-person learning.

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