Fall is in full swing and so are the Farm Lab Gardens!

Building Resilient Communities

Farm to School Fall 2021

Students are back in school and have returned to in person work on the Farm Lab Gardens. Students are meeting 2-3 times per week to cultivate soil, plant seedlings, harvest organic produce and prepare for winter in the garden. Weekend workshops at the Arroyo High Schoo Farm Lab have also started again and thanks to our community volunteers we have accomplished a lot in the last two months!

Allesandro Elementary School

Eco Urban Gardens and Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council hosted an urban gardening workshop at Allesandro Elementary! Students learned how to plant a seedling, propagate a seed, how to identify beneficial insects, control pests using intercropping and other organic methods. Our teacher Alan even brought his insect collection for students to get hands on with some creepy crawlers. Everyone worked hard, enjoyed a healthy lunch and went home with raffle gifts!

Allesandro Elementary School
Allesandro Elementary School

La Madera Community Garden

Members of the garden are working hard to prepare for Dia de Muertos on November 2nd. Members fixed the beehive oven to make Pan de Muerto and we received a brand new compost container. Check out the La Madera Facebook page for upcoming events for Halloween and Day of the Dead!

beehive oven

Farm to School in the EMUHSD

Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Garden:

Students are excited to re-design their garden space. Students have started brand new beds with pumpkin and squash. Students are also building vertical planting towers for planting strawberries. Students are regularly using their greenhouse to propagate seedlings and will soon begin working a vegetated bioswale planted with CA native plants to support pollinators.

vertical planting tower
vertical planting towers

Arroyo High School Farm Lab:

Eco Urban Gardens has partnered with Breathe Southern California to improve our air quality in Los Angeles County. Volunteers and staff from both organizations hosted a volunteer day where over 50 volunteers learned to plant lavender, build a berm for nopales and other cacti and removing invasive Bermuda grass out of raised beds. All volunteers received a gift bag from Breathe Southern California and one lucky volunteer received a gift card from our trivia raffle!

Breathe Southern California volunteers
50 volunteers learned to plant lavender
Volunteers and staff from both organizations

Mountain View High School Orchard

Students of Mountain View High School are learning how to properly prune their fruit trees and fix up the garden after more than year being absent! This spring and summer they will get a big harvest from all their hard work!

fixing planter beds
Mountain View High School Orchard

Kids Gardening with Liz

Support our Farm to School Programs!

Support our Farm to School Programs

Students are Back in the Farm Lab!

Our programs are supported by the contributions of our generous donors. Your gift will support the continued cultivation of healthy food for our community, the care of our Farm Labs, and our continued virtual education program until we can return to in-person learning.

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