March Newsletter: We’re featured in the LA Times!

La Madera Community Garden Featured in the LA Times!

L.A. Times columnist Gustavo Arellano visited La Madera Community Garden to learn more about our recent partnership with Small Axe Peppers. He interviewed garden members about how this opportunity will promote resilience in their community and support local food systems. Click here to read the article and here to watch the news video!

Small Axe Peppers, is a Bronx based company with a bold and flavorful mission! They support 75 community gardens in 15 cities around the US by distributing seeds and purchasing back the peppers from local gardeners. Each bottle of hot sauce directly supports the gardens and gardeners that grow peppers. Learn more about their business model below:

Small Axe Peppers

La Madera Community Garden
Liz Christy and Lucia Nunez taste the Habanero Mango hot sauce.

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Farm to School Program Updates
Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Garden

A greenhouse was generously donated to the Best of Thymes garden by a friend of City of Hope. Our collaboration with City of Hope has continued to be invaluable in terms of long term support and community connections. The greenhouse will be constructed on campus and used to propagate seedlings. This will increase food production by reducing time between crop rotations and increasing the overall success of seed germination.

The Arroyo High School Farm Lab

The CA Native Basin Meadow is officially completed with amphitheater style seating, wood and decomposed granite walking path and retaining wall. Native plants and wildflowers in the meadow support native pollinators, producing more fruits and vegetables! This amphitheater will facilitate outdoor learning and community workshops. As schools return to in person learning, it is vital to support outdoor learning spaces for student health and success.

Mountain View High School Orchard

Mountain View High School’s Organic Orchard is receiving a new irrigation system to better support tree health and fruit production. Over time, irrigation systems break or become inoperable. As trees reach maturity they have different water needs. A dwarf pomegranate for example needs considerably less water than a full grown apple tree. With 27 different fruit varieties in this orchard EUG staff will plan the irrigation to support the best water for the individual needs of the tree, reducing overall water use and increasing food production.

Farm. Food. Fit. Forage.
Plant Parts 101: the Cotyledon
Written By: Paulette Morales

Cotyledons are the first leaves to appear from a germinating seed. They contain the food reserves for growth and pave the way for the creation of the plant’s ‘true’ leaves. They are called true leaves because they will develop the leaf characteristics of the plant, and signal that the seedling has started actively photosynthesizing. It can be confusing to try to identify a plant when only the cotyledon has emerged, so allow the true leaves to grow if the identity is unclear

As seen by this example, cotyledons can be ambiguous in appearance.

Planting your seedling at the correct depth is essential to ensure successful germination and growth. Larger seeds should be planted at a depth of twice their height, so a ½” seed should be planted 1” inch below the soil surface. Smaller seeds like carrot, sweet alyssum, or dill should be scattered on the soil’s surface and then lightly covered with a thin layer of soil. Be sure to water the seeds well!

Kids Gardening with Liz
Episode 43: Fruit Tree Zones Learn what fruit trees grow best in Southern California based on hardiness zones.
Episode 42: Seed Pod Harvest Learn how to harvest and save native poppy seeds!

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Our Community Partners
Eco Urban Gardens will be hosting a table at the El Monte Farmers Market!

The Farmers Market will run 3/18/21 through 10/28/21 Thursday evenings from 5pm- 9pm on Main Street.

If your family is in need of food during this time, click here for some local resources.

A Conversation on “Unearthing History”

Our Executive Director, Marianne Zaugg, was interviewed by Graham Goldich, Master’s student of Landscape Architecture. Marianne discusses school garden programs and how they cultivate the next generation of agricultural stewards.

Virtual Learning Continues

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year’s distance learning, Eco Urban Gardens has continued to host virtual workshops, club meetings and virtual lessons.

Our programs are supported by the contributions of our generous donors. Your gift will support the continued cultivation of healthy food for our community, the care of our Farm Lab gardens, and teach environmental stewardship!

You can mail a check to 4647 Kingswell Ave #127, Los Angeles, CA 90027, or donate online via PayPal. Thank you for your support!