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Best of Thymes Garden

harvesting arugulaHarvesting Arugula can be very meditative. Students learn patience and how repetitive motion can be calming and meditative. Gardening can be a great stress relief if you have an upcoming exam, feeling a lot of pressure from work or simply need some fresh air and sunshine. Plus you can eat what you harvest!

Oakland Community Garden

oakland community garden

Volunteers working to prepare for spring and summer planting at the Oakland Community Garden. Bottom left portrays one of the gardens founding members 22 years ago and the bottom right shows her now with Eco Urban Gardens volunteers. Dedication and loyalty are what create community.

Arroyo High School Garden

Arroyo High School Garden

Arroyo Garden is in full swing with spring harvesting. Every work day kids are taking home veggies, discussing recipes and sharing health benefits of their harvest. Some students have made salsa, salads, smoothies and much more. Everyone is excited for the spring and summer planting in the newly constructed beds.

To Make a Donation Visit Our Website

Donations go to many different aspects of a project:

  • $10.00 Donation purchases seeds for student garden.
  • $20.00 Donation purchases pruners for two students.
  • $50.00 Donation purchases wheel barrow for students.
  • $100.00 Donation purchases up to 10 bags of organic garden soil.
  • $250.00 Donation can purchase all of these materials for one school project.

Feel free to specify which school project you would like to fund and your interest for funding whether it be for health, environment or simply to support your community. Any visits to the garden are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to email or call anytime if you would like to participate in a workshop or workday.