Farm to School

Farm to School Program

We believe that every child deserves to know how to grow their own food through the design and structure of GROW GARDENS at the school yard level. The purpose of Farm to School is to build farm labs and outdoor learning gardens for students to have access to project-based learning opportunities. They learn to grow their own organic food, and to cultivate and experience the setting of urban green spaces that impact the health and wellness of their community and future generations. We build from the ground up with a site plan to design your outdoor classroom that includes California native plants.

Through hands-on learning in school gardens, which includes the curriculum in environmental science and horticulture, students learn to cultivate plants from seed to harvest. Students gain knowledge about regenerative agriculture, nutrition, health, wellness, and how to operate a CSA program and farm stand. School gardens are managed throughout the week as we also interface with the student-run garden clubs.

Greening Schoolyards

Greening a schoolyard is the concept of design and build a school garden on your site. Your school is invited to reach out to us so we can begin with a dialogue of greening your space and turning it into a vibrant learning garden. The project may include:

  • Landscape design
  • Raised beds or in-ground beds
  • Trellises, compost stalls, greenhouses, tool sheds, potting tables.
  • Fruit orchard and a large tree for shade
  • Rain garden, bioswale, basin meadow
  • Pollinator garden with California native plants
  • Outdoor classroom seating
Adult Transition Work Skills

The Adult Transition Program (ATP) is a special education program geared toward students with special needs to aid in the preparation of transitioning students from high school into adulthood. The program provides training for students to develop work skills to become independent and self-sufficient. ATP tasks may include and are assigned based on the student’s and/or group’s ability.

  • Pantry Fulfillment (Harvest and Post Harvest)
  • Seeding & Propagation
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Soil Remediation & Composting
  • Tool Handling and Care and Pruning
  • Plant Upkeep
After School Garden Club

The Garden Clubs are hands-on gardening afterschool programs where students assist with maintaining their farm labs, or gardens, and are involved with fulfilling garden tasks. Students also engage in club related activities, which include suggesting activities or fundraiser ideas to student officers, selecting and nominating student officers, and participating at community events. Tasks are assigned based on skill and comfort level. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Seeding & Propagation
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Soil Remediation & Composting
  • Garden Shed & Tool Cleaning
  • Pruning & Plant Upkeep
  • Harvest & Post Harvest Production
  • Special Projects
Kids Gardening with Liz

We offer virtual garden education on YouTube. In this series, students will learn about a variety of topics, from basic gardening techniques, to medicinal plant uses, organic pest control and foraging! Subscribe to our channel for weekly videos!

Kids Gardening With Liz