We are so proud of our students who are thriving in their outdoor classroom! Join us on December 17th for an open house at the AHS Farm Lab.

Happy Holidays

Farm - Food - Fit

Winter is our favorite season at Eco Urban Gardens as we can continue to cultivate, harvest and prepare organic crops from our many school gardens and Farm Labs! Southern California has a unique Mediterranean climate allowing us to grow food all year round. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Kids Gardening with Liz for videos on seasonal garden tips and recipes!

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Open House at the AHS Farm Lab

Please join us on Friday December 17th to celebrate the successful reopening of the AHS Farm Lab during the 2021 school year. This is a free event open to all ages. Activities include raffles, seeding, harvesting, snacks, refreshments, guest speakers and garden tours. As a community we will celebrate the continued education at the Farm Labs for another year!

4921 Cedar Ave. El Monte, CA 91732. Please park in the lot covered in solar panels past the front entrance of the school. Enter school through parking lot, make a right through the basketball court and walk straight towards the mountains, garden will be on your right hand side past tennis courts.

Arroyo High School Farm Lab Open House

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Farm to School with EMUHSD

Arroyo High School Farm Lab

Our new Farm Lab Manager Alan has been working hard to bring the garden back to life after our long absence! Alan, students and community volunteers have installed 4 new in ground farm rows, a brand new cactus knoll planted with nopales, a lavender meadow, new raised beds with organic soil and new drip tubes! Visit the Farm Lab to tour the gardens, harvest herbs and win raffle prizes on Friday December 17th at our Farm Lab open house!

Volunteer day at the AHS Farm Lab

Volunteer day at the AHS Farm Lab with Breathe Southern California.

Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Garden

The Best of Thymes Garden have been planting lots of seeds and sprouting trays of seedlings in their new greenhouse! Students plan to start a farmers market table out front of Rosemead High School beginning in January to share seasonal produce from their garden! Students have recently built 5 vertical strawberry towers, harvested everything from pumpkins to mint, made pesto from scratch and tasted home made lemon bars from their orchard.

Strawberry Towers

Building the vertical strawberry towers! Strawberries will hang over the side for easy harvesting.

Mountain View High School Orchard

Seasonal tree care is essential and students are learning how to keep their warm weather trees happy in the winter season. Winter in Southern California is the best time to mulch and prune your fruit trees as this will send energy and nutrients to the roots of the tree giving the tree a lot of energy to produce in early spring. You will have a higher yield in the spring and summer season if you care for your trees properly during the winter.

Mountain View High School Orchard

La Madera Community Garden

La Madera Community Garden recently partnered with Eco Urban Gardens, Breathe Southern California and Climate Cents to install new plants at the entrance of our garden for the CNN Call to Earth climate action awareness social media campaign. Students from our Farm to School program in EMUHSD showed up to help La Madera members install edible drought tolerant plants and learn about composting.

La Madera Community Garden